The reason I write is because I feel a great urge to individuate. Being creative helps me to understand the world around me and the people who grow out of it. In payment for my individuation I aim to share my insights about social issues, relationships and the splitting and union of the Self with the collective.

Through my own research in philosophy, sociology and psychoanalysis, in particular the psychology of Freud and Jung (Archetypes and Symbols) I have learnt that the solutions of life are in ourselves and what we see as the world are projections of what lies inside us.

"It is painful because to do so is to expose parts of our selves that got us into trouble with or caused us to be rejected. There was trouble when we expressed unacceptable feelings, like: "I am afraid" or "I need you" or "I miss you" or "Please leave the lights on" or "Please don't leave me alone" or "I hate you" or "Go to hell." There is a huge range of negative feelings that were disallowed and we are afraid to expose them because we do not want to be rejected by touching the same hot stove that burned us when we were kids. We want people to love our art and us, but we fear that they will reject both if we truly reveal who we are and what we feel. How could we feel otherwise? That was a burn that still hurts." " Guilt With a Twist" by Lawrence H. Staples PH.D.

"It is my conviction that a review of the complicated and contradictory ways in which a person's parents are registered in the mind, centering on an exploration of love and hatred toward them, is a necessary part of every attempt to understand oneself and others." "Is There Life Without Mother? Psychoanalysis, Biography, Creativity" by Leonard Shengold.


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